Our Hours

Lunch Hours:
Tue – Sat: 11:30AM – 4PM

Dinner Hours:
Tue – Thur: 4PM – 9PM
Fri – Sat: 4PM – 9PM
(Dinner Menu Starts at 4PM)

Check the menus above to see our new lunch menu!

What’s on Tap?


Shepherd’s Pie $16

Chicken & Biscuits $17
Bangers & Mash $18
Cheeseburger Salad $15
Copper Bowl $13


Ask your server for the daily selection!



(tequila, lime juice, blue curacao, triple sec)

(pomegranate, pear, passion fruit or peach)

(rum, lime juice, simple sugar, mint)

(bourbon, lemonade, iced tea)

(tequila, rum, triple sec, pineapple juice, orange juice, splash of grenadine)

(gin, lemon juice, honey, twist of lemon)

(raspberry vodka, irish cream, creme de cocoa)

(gin, lemon juice, ginger beer, passion fruit juice, simple syrup)


Specials Week of 8/8/2022

● Soup of the Day: Buffalo Chicken Soup
● Appetizers:
o Loaded Nachos $11
o Tacos (Chicken/Beef) $3
o Chips and Queso/Salsa $5/$3
● Salad: Caprese Chicken & Avocado Salad $16
● Entrees (served after 4pm):
o Blackened Shrimp Tacos (with choice of side) $16
o Beef Brisket Tacos (with choice of side) $16
o Copper Plates $16

● Soup of the day: Carrot & Ginger Soup
● Salad: Caprese Chicken & Avocado Salad $16
● Sandwich (served all day): Ranch Chicken Bacon Wrap $15
● Entrees (served after 4pm): Tuscany Shrimp $24

● Soup of the day: Tuscan Tomato
● Salad: Summer Caprese Chicken & Avocado Salad $16
● Sandwich (served all day): Rodeo Burger $16
● Entrees (served after 4pm): Chicken French $22

● Soup of the day: Chowder
● Salad: Caprese Chicken & Avocado Salad $16
● Sandwich (served all day): Fish Sandwich $14
● Entrees (served all day):
o Haddock Dinners $16
o Mini Coopers $11
o Fried Shrimp Platters $17

● Soup of the day: Potato & Cheddar Soup
● Salad: Caprese Chicken & Avocado Salad $16
● Sandwich (served all day): Pulled Beef Brisket Sandwich $16
● Entrees (served after 4pm): Braised Garlic Lamb Chops $28

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Barbara P.
Barbara P.
15:49 31 Jul 22
Great experience. Warm, inviting staff. Comfortable, fun, vintage decor. Wonderful, fresh, flavorful meal!
Kelly C.
Kelly C.
06:16 04 Jul 22
Love this place! Great building and easy parking and awesome food. Nice pub vibe! The ownership is a Williamson family and it has that "everybody knows your...
Carla C.
Carla C.
15:36 01 Jul 22
We went to the Copper Ale House for the first time today and we will definitely go back! We had the fish fry and it was delicious! The service was...
Michael M.
Michael M.
10:26 21 Jun 22
This place is a gem. I've eaten here a few times and both mine and my date's meals were fabulous. The owners/proprietors are genuinely engaging as well. The...
Electronic M.
Electronic M.
11:29 03 May 22
Absolutely spectacular food with amazingly attentive and caring staff. A hidden regional gem, definitely recommend
Jean B.
Jean B.
16:30 17 Dec 21
Fish fries are awesome!!! Will definitely be back for more. Good selection of beers on tap and full bar, as well.
John B.
John B.
16:53 10 Nov 21
Awesome. Simply awesome. One of the top 3 restaurants in 315 country. Great any night of the week!
Jane D.
Jane D.
04:52 07 Jun 20
I love their Cooper Reuben, and their onion rings and French fries are great to!! Every time I'm out in the area I try to stop by to eat!!
Andy B.
Andy B.
08:45 30 Jan 20
We came here on the opening weekend and it was completely different. So if you were here before and didn't like it. Come back it's better. I ordered...
Amanda B.
Amanda B.
09:42 01 Jan 20
Was the only place I could get a reservation for NYE, now I know why... service was very slow. I have never waited so long just to be greeted by a...
Kerri D.
Kerri D.
12:13 27 Dec 19
My sisters family lives in Williamson and every time we visit them we drive by Copper Ale House. We've talked about trying it many times and today was the...
Amy B.
Amy B.
20:53 12 Dec 19
I had not planned to return but my hungry friend urged one night recently- I added a star back as it seems menu and service has improved with some staffing...
Bill T.
Bill T.
16:25 04 Oct 19
An update, been a couple of years and I'm still very impressed. The service is good, the food is good (if perhaps a little pricey for a small town but the...
James B.
James B.
17:37 08 Sep 19
This is my favorite restaurant. The food is excellent and the cook is amazing. This place is amazing
Patty C.
Patty C.
15:17 04 Sep 19
Wow! So happy that we have this little gem in Williamson! Friendly from the first greeting, great service and whomever is in the kitchen knows what he or...
Edward S.
Edward S.
09:45 17 Aug 19
Stopped for a late lunch on Friday. Special was fish. We all ordered the fish fry. It was Haddock. Beer batter. Absolutely delicious. A very large...
Pamela S.
Pamela S.
15:51 12 Jul 19
We eat there often have not had a bad meal yet. There seafood Alfredo is delicious. The staff is very friendly, and they have many new things on there...
Tyler C.
Tyler C.
20:55 07 Mar 19
This place has great food and a cozy atmosphere. It is always packed when I go, but there is usually never more than a 15 minute wait. The owners are very...
Heather D.
Heather D.
18:54 09 Sep 18
The food here is very good. My mother has enjoyed the Cooper Reuben several times. She raves about it each time. I tried a bite and the flavors are really...


4095 Ridge Road
Williamson, New York 14589



Tue – Thur: 4PM – 9PM
Fri – Sat: 4PM – 10PM
(Dinner Menu Starts at 4PM)

Lunch Hours:
Tue – Sat: 11AM – 4PM

Reservations Accepted

Copper Ale House

4095 Ridge Rd
Williamson, NY 14589
(315) 904-4508